How to be Successful in Life?

If you are searching for a motivational article, this one is for you. Believe Me!

Human do mistake, its natural!

First of all we need to know our bad habits & what we wanted to become in Life, What is important to us. We should sort it out before its too late. So,

Why we fail?

What is important in life? What makes people successful?

The people who are successful they follow these things:-

  • They never blame other for their fail.
  • They know what to do & what not to do.
  • They fail but never Give Up.
  • They over power FEAR (Fearless of Everything And Restart now)

From above it seems like they are angel not Human (hahaha too funny) ,

but the fact is they know themselves from ‘top-bottom’ & believe on themselves for what sort of things they do.

Lastly everybody should have trust on himself (for doing something different from all) & do what he/she likes something or his/her passion. Never do anything seeing others doing it but you should do what you like, What makes you happy, after all whatever we do,we does it for our happiness not for others.

First believe that you can do it, & go on trying . A day will come when everybody will think that Sun has risen from the West (sarcasm hahaha funny) but we all know Sun rises in the East.

Change yourself, everything will be changed & make people think with your action.

If we can trust our action & do what we like, a day will come when we can say We Did It! & aforesaid sentences will be compared with you.

Good Luck, Have a wonderful Life ahead!

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Why Nature is So beautiful?

Who created Nature?

Have you ever imagine that Why Nature looks so Beautiful .

Why Sun everyday Rise in the East & Set in the West?

Just a thought!

Travelling is an Art, everybody don’t get the chance to travel. It was 5th Aug’18, i was very enthusiastic to visit a place, then i along with my two other friends visited a place Known as Chatla in Silchar Assam India.

It was like a Island whose surrounding was covered by water, but water was of ‘Bill’ (it is a local dialogue of small lake ). Many people from every corner of Silchar come to visit here & click pictures.

When we reach there, it was hot sunny day & at 5.13 pm i clicked this picture & many more. I love visiting place & enjoy the beauty of Nature. I clicked many pictures of mine & this place.

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Life is a Journey, Learn to Enjoy it!

Life is Beautiful Like a Rose,

Rose is beautiful but It has thorn, everyone loves it enjoy it.

Have You ever received a Rose as a gift?

Rose, a flower contained by Shrubs.
It is of many forms, colours & fragrance.
Giving someone a Rose means giving them Love, which Signifies
that you like them much , let the flower to talk,to express.

Rose needs special care & sometimes wrong care can kill it.
Sometimes you smell the roses & walk away proving thatjust smell is
enough for some Times.

So Be like a rose & if possible try to make others happy.

Thank You

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